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An integrated approach

At Terros Health, we take an integrated approach because we believe a person’s mind and body represent whole health.

Treating the whole patient

At Terros Health we treat the whole patient. Listen to Robert’s story of recovery and how our integrated care model helped him live a healthier...
Integrated health care: The best type of care for your family

Integrated health care: The best type of care for your family

Physical and mental health conditions used to be treated in silos. As a result, patients would see a doctor for one condition while another condition may have gone unnoticed. Today, that is beginning to change with organizations like Terros Health adopting an...
Whole health care

Whole health care

Visit a Terros Health Care Clinic and you may not hear the phrase “whole health care,” but you’ll no doubt experience it. “Physical and mental health conditions used to be treated in silos, but this is starting to change,” said Robert Allen, M.D., Terros Health Primary Care Physician and Addictionologist. “At Terros Health, we have begun treating the ‘whole’ person and the outcomes have been promising.”