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We provide whole health care services throughout all of Arizona including the Phoenix metropolitan area, Tucson, Flagstaff, Prescott, Prescott Valley and Kingman.

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Integrated Care Centers

We provide a variety of same-day or ongoing primary medical services including health exams, sick visits, cancer prevention, specialty referrals, lab services,  and pharmacy services.  All in one centralized location.

Recovery Centers

Our services are designed to help persons who have co-occurring serious mental illness and addiction challenges by providing therapeutic behavioral health treatment and counseling that focuses on symptom reduction and management.


We provide individual and family counseling, recovery support groups, intensive outpatient treatment programs, relapse prevention, aftercare groups, and gender-specific substance abuse services for women and men.

Family Services

Families in Recovery Succeeding Together (Families FIRST) provides substance use treatment and support services for families referred by the Department of Child Safety (DCS). The program assists parents in achieving a level of recovery where they can parent their children safely.


We provide community and school-based outreach and intervention efforts including counseling to change harmful behaviors and reduce risk of substance use and infection of HIV or other STI. We support LGBTQ community needs and provide education, services, testing, and treatment for at risk individuals.

Mobile Crisis

We respond 24/7/365 to our communities in central and northern Arizona who are in crisis. Our mobile crisis services support adults, children and families who are experiencing a behavioral health crisis. Our teams provide crisis assessments, intervention and connections to resources for ongoing help.

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