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Olive Health Center

27th Avenue Health Center

McDowell Health Center

Stapley Health Center

23rd Avenue Health Center

Priest Health Center

51st Avenue Health Center

Broadway Counseling Center

32nd Street Counseling Center

Campbell Counseling Center

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Our locations

Health Centers

Olive Health Center                     27th Avenue Health Center                      McDowell Health Center                 Stapley Health Center 

Health Centers 2

23rd Avenue Health Center                     Priest Health Center                      51st Avenue Health Center 

Counseling Centers

Broadway Counseling Center                     32nd Street Counseling Center                      Campbell Counseling Center 

We have several locations across Maricopa county, find a location near you!

Terros Health is a health care company focused on the whole person, providing primary care and specializing in mental health and substance use treatment for the last 50 years. We help people live their lives in recovery and we save lives every day. Use the Interactive map below to browse our locations or call us at 602-685-6000 to schedule your appointment!

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