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Meet Nicole & Martin

Patient success story

We treat families

After experiencing a tragic loss, one Phoenix family benefitted from the whole person/whole health care approach provided by the Terros Health team. The mother, father and three children receive primary and behavioral health services through Terros Health at 27th Avenue Integrated Care.

Nicole, the mom, was the first family member to seek out Terros Health to address grief due to the death of her 3-year-old son.

“The counseling really helped,” Nicole said. “I also go there for my primary care.”

Martin, the father, said the mental health care he receives has helped stabilize his depression and anxiety. He also receives excellent medical care for his diabetes with the nonprofit health care organization.

“I will keep going to Terros Health,” he said. “They take time to listen to me.”

It’s a family affair as 20-year-old Eric receives help from Terros Health’s behavioral health professionals.

“I need counseling to help me with my ups and downs,” he said, “and to better manage my anger outbursts.”

Eric also receives primary care at Terros Health, as does Mishelle, his 16-year-old sister. Their older brother, Quinn, plans to reach out to Terros Health for his medical care.

For Nicole, she values the convenience of having all aspects of the family’s health care managed from a single location. “We even get our prescriptions filled there,” she said. “We would not be doing nearly as well without Terros Health.”